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Your Reputation

MCA protects reputation. Reputation takes years to build and only moments to destroy. Brand, character and reputation are extremely fragile. A crisis or issue can impact your life, your enterprise, and your bottom line. It can destroy your reputation or even your ability to operate.

High-profile crises covered and sensationalized by the news media have devastated individuals, governments, and world-class companies. The changes in news media and the manner in which the public, investors and stakeholders collect and act on information - brought about by an explosion of the internet, social media, cell phones, and many other forms of wireless communication - leave companies constantly adjusting to keep pace with the shifting landscape of digital media, citizen journalists, "gotcha" journalism, proactive regulators and aggressive and media-savvy plaintiffs' attorneys. 

MCA's crisis communications practice will help you construct the formidable defenses needed to withstand assaults and effectively manage crises. We provide a range of tailored offerings and capabilities suitable for the individual needs of our clients.

What MCA Offers

MCA offers its clients advice and strategies regarding media coverage of corporate and personal legal and regulatory matters that are covered by the news media, including:

  • Regulatory or legislative inquiries
  • Media issues related to product liability litigation (pending, ongoing and resolved)
  • Media coverage of product recalls
  • Media scrutiny of corporate governance matters
  • News media interest in Investor relations matters, including SEC Full Disclosure requirements
  • Client public responses to unfavorable regulatory actions against corporations
  • Public responses to class actions against corporations
  • Public responses to criminal charges against corporations or corporate officers
  • Liability of corporate spokespersons and potential legal implications of their public statements
  • Client rights to demand fair & balanced news media coverage or representation
  • Potential countermeasures to prevent publication or broadcast of certain material or allegations
  • Client options for potential injunctive relief to prevent forthcoming media coverage
  • Client rights and liabilities regarding slander/liable by the news media

MCA Client Services Include: 

  • Timely monitoring and analysis of print, broadcast and web coverage of  legal and regulatory issues covered by the news media
  • Topical proprietary research and applicable case studies of relevant legal and regulatory issues covered by the news media
  • Analysis from academic, legal, and popular press regarding media coverage of legal and regulatory  issues
  • Crisis plan development, communication and response
  • Issues management
  • Reputation repair