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MCA has access to top-flight research capabilities to conduct public opinion research that can help guide a data driven response and avoid guesswork and mistakes.

With an extensive library of applicable case studies of timely corporate and individual legal media issues, MCA can assist clients in developing a reasoned and contextual public stance to their particular issue.

MCA's research team conducts studies on major public cases reported by the news media and related to corporate governance, regulatory actions, public policy disputes, and high profile individuals. 

Resarch & message testing

With experienced analysts, MCA uses state-of the-art news media and social media monitoring tools to provide real time reports and analysis of breaking news impacting its clients.

A deep knowledge of the journalistic climate and of the  editors, news directors and journalists covering a given legal matter can be critical in crafting an effective public response to extra-judicial statements, allegations and PR trial balloons floated by publicly adversarial opposing counsel or overly aggressive regulators.


Monitoring & Analysis

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Crisis Management

​​​​​Specializing in crisis management, regulatory & litigation communications  

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MCA's unique services are specifically tailored for the corporation, non-governmental organization or individual in need of counsel regarding the media relations and news media management of their particular legal or regulatory situation. While not a law firm, MCA's communications professionals are deeply knowledgeable and uniquely experienced in public relations, corporate media relations and social media. They posses the unique skill set necessary to guide clients in implementing a successful public stance through the right choice of tailored communications platforms, including statements, interviews, and both proactive and effective defense.


Serving corporations, non-governmental organizations and individuals, Media Consulting Associates offers seasoned advice and unique strategies for those trying to master...or just manage... the public spotlight, either in the glare of cameras from the courthouse steps or in the court of public opinion.

With a deep understanding of both leading edge communications strategies, and of the legal and regulatory process, MCA's team of experts can help positively shape the public's image and perception of individuals, organizations or corporations who are facing the spotlight of media scrutiny in regard to their legal or regulatory proceedings.

Whether it's a high profile legal case screamed across the national headlines, a local land use case garnering unfavorable attention from a network affiliate, or a personal matter playing out in the local media, MCA's experienced team can discreetly provide the necessary strategic advice.